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Fibre internet, Wireless Internet, Hosting, VOIP

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Telkom FTTH Cape Town

PC Network Fibre

FTTH overview.

Its no secret that fibre is the future of the internet and communications. Depending on your location, we are able to offer you fast fibre optic internet solutions to your home with speeds from 4mbps to 100mbps. We offer various products with different sharing ratios, as well as different billing models for per gig billing/uncapped or for dedicated bandwidth. Our fibre products also offer unlimited speeds to our Cape Town datacenter, where you could host additional services.

Built in voice

Our Fibre products also allow you to replace your existing telephone land line system by making use of your fibre to use for VOIP. By utilizing PC Networks VOIP services you can immediately benefit from lower priced national, international as well as cell phone call rates.

Service specifications

TFTTH Pricing - 20GB

Connection Speed Day Data Midnight Madness Data Monthly Price
2Mbps 20GB 100GB R402.63
4Mbps 20GB 100GB R425.43
8Mbps 20GB 100GB R481.57
10Mbps 20GB 100GB R504.38
20Mbps 20GB 100GB R586.84
40Mbps 20GB 100GB R674.56
100Mbps 20GB 100GB R771.05

TFTTH Pricing - 100GB

Connection Speed Day Data Midnight Madness Data Monthly Price
2Mbps 100GB 1000GB R471.05
4Mbps 100GB 1000GB R542.10
8Mbps 100GB 1000GB R595.61
10Mbps 100GB 1000GB R630.70
20Mbps 100GB 1000GB R718.42
40Mbps 100GB 1000GB R806.14
100Mbps 100GB 1000GB R902.63

TFTTH Pricing - 200GB

Connection Speed Day Data Midnight Madness Data Monthly Price
2Mbps 200GB 1000GB R638.59
4Mbps 200GB 1000GB R700.87
8Mbps 200GB 1000GB R744.73
10Mbps 200GB 1000GB R788.59
20Mbps 200GB 1000GB R876.31
40Mbps 200GB 1000GB R964.03
100Mbps 200GB 1000GB R1051.75

All prices excl vat

Topup Pricing

20 + 100gigs R 83.06
50 + 250gigs R 166.96
100 +500gigs R 250.87

Once off install fee

From R 2 500.00 Excl, Depending on how long the fibre to be trenched is

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