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Fibre internet, Wireless Internet, Hosting, VOIP

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Wireless Internet - Frequently asked questions

Q. How does it all work ?
PC Network use a combination of Fixed wireless, high speed microwave and fibre optic technology to deliver broadband to your home or business. A small antenna dish is placed on your roof and aimed towards one of our towers.

Q. Why should I consider wireless internet?
ADSL is too slow and unreliable
Dont want to wait for installation
Cant get any other service where I am
Need a faster solution equivalent to fibre
Dont have to rely on old slow copper lines
Symmetrical Connection - Uploads are the same speed as Downloads
Able to provide static Public IP's
No land lines needed

Q. How much does installation cost ?
For a "simple" installation we charge R1500 excl vat. This includes 30m of cable, antenna, bracket, pole and testing. This is all that is needed to get you up and running. For business installations there is an additional R599 for a router to enable us to better manage your bandwidth for multiple computers.

Q. Is wireless the same as satellite ?
No, Our services point to our high sites which is typically only a few km away. Unlike satellite internet our services are faster due to the time data takes to get up to space and back to land.

Q. Is this service faster than ADSL ?
Yes, this service is faster than ADSL guaranteed. Our network is symmetrical and PC Network gives you the flexibility to increase service levels in the future. Businesses today need fast access for both upload and download, ADSL connections do not support symmetrical access, providing only a minimal upload speed and inconsistent download speeds. Slow upload speeds from ADSL make it difficult to run VPN's, remote video monitoring, Web servers, and other Internet applications

Q. Do I require Line of Site ?
Yes, our technology requires line of site from your building to our high sites. We offer a free site survey to come and determine this for you. We are able to install for 95% of our received enquiries

Q. What does contention ratio mean ?
Contention ratio is how many times the Internet Service Provider shares their bandwidth with other customers. For example ADSL is contended roughly 30:1. Our business services are only shared 3:1 meaning a much faster experience for our customers. With us you really get your speed.

Q. My business requires a static IP address, can PC Network provide us with that ?
Yes, in fact we are able to offer blocks of IP numbers should they be required.

Q. I need a good connection for VOIP will wireless work ?
Yes, due to the fact that we offer symmetrical bandwidth, as well as make use of 17ghz microwave and fibre to our high sites, VOIP is never a problem on our network. Should you need a VOIP service we are able to offer you this.

Q. Can I share the Internet connection with the rest of the computers in my office ?
Yes, our service is designed to work like that.

Q. Does rain or other weather conditions affect service ?
Our network is designed to withstand the effect of rain on RF signals. We provide a 99.99% uptime SLA.

Q Can I run a server on this connection ?
Yes. Customers are able to run any services on our connection.

Q Can I use this service to download peer to peer and torrents ?
No, this service is not for you if you want to run automated downloads for hours every day. Our service is designed for high speed and business customers in mind.

Q. How to I book a site survey ?
Fill out our query form at the bottom of this page, otherwise click on our contact page for our details. You can also call us on 0875500900.