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Fibre internet, Wireless Internet, Hosting, VOIP

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Wireless uncapped users

Wireless Internet - Why PC Network

Service Speed:
From Fast installation to Fast Connectivity - we are the right company! We pride ourselves on our responsiveness - and that begins with your initial installation. Unlike traditional ADSL options, which can take weeks or sometimes months to be installed, we'll get you up and running very quickly (subject to survey). And we don't ask you to disconnect your current ADSL service immediately, so you can ensure continuity and make the final switch in your own time.

Our Network:
Our highsites are linked via redundant fibre backhaul or 17Ghz Carrier Grade Microwave links. Our last mile / Access network is via 5Ghz to the customer. All of our towers are backed up with long run UPS with proactive monitoring. Our network runs redundant OSPF routing - meaning if 1 link goes down, traffic will be rerouted automatically to a failover path.

Independent Network:
We own and manage our own network, which puts us in total control, which means 1 point of contact for any and all issues. We're fully responsible for the service we deliver to our customers. Also, being completely independent from ADSL infrastructure means we offer total resilience. If a problem occurs at the exchange or a cable in the ground is accidentally cut, it won’t have any impact on our customers’ connection.

Symmetrical Internet:
Upload speeds and Download speeds are the same, so if you are on 4mbps package, you will get 4mbps up and down. We offer high speed, business quality internet connections that are symmetrical, and committed, with a choice of speeds from 2Mb to 100Mb or higher on special request.

We are a Licensed Communications Provider:
Unlike some of our competition - we are licensed by the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) who regulate the industry.

We peer:
Having our own IP Ranges and ASN number means that we can peer with other providers at peering points. We peer with other providers at multiple locations guaranteeing our customers with the best speeds around.

Proudly South African:
We are a local business serving local businesses so our service is personal, local and committed. We always answer the phone and aim to resolve all wireless internet issues in record times.